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You are in a meeting conducted in English and you want to agree with your colleague. What would you say?

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In a meeting, your English female director seems concerned that the deadline for the project will not be met. To calm her down, you say:

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You are in a meeting regarding the company's objective of investing in new technology with an American and English colleague. The English manager says, "Thank you very much for the presentation. Now, what's the bottom line?" What is he referring to?

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What is an interim measure?

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What is an income statement?

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If you were ordering "Grilled Sea Bass with Garlic and Red Pepper" in a restaurant, you would be ordering:

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If you were ordering "Artichoke Hearts on a bed of Aubergines, topped with a creamy Goat Cheese sauce", you would be ordering:

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Given the following facts, please choose the statement that is correct: You started working at Kennedy in June 1999. It is currently June 2007 and you continue to work for the company.

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Which of the following sentences does not contain an error?

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Which of the following sentences does not contain an error?

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After having a meal with a colleague, you want to pay for the meal. Which statement below is the best way to indicate this?

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Choose the most appropriate response to the following question: Can I speak to Nigel please?

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Choose the most appropriate response to the following question:
Could I have your name please?

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Choose the most appropriate response to the following question:
Would morning or afternoon suit you best?

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Choose the most appropriate response to the following question: Who would be the happiest out of the following two people?

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How would you translate "soportar"?

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How would you translate "actually"?

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While on a visit to your client's offices in the United States, "necesitas ir al servicio". What do you say?

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In England, you are in a pub with 4 of your English colleagues and your contact offers to pay the first round. You finish your drink, don't want to have another and feel like leaving. What do you do?

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You arrive 10 minutes late to a meeting in the United States. What should you say?

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You are invited to attend a business meeting in the United States at 9:00 am. What should you do?

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When speaking to our friends, we use our hands and facial expressions to help us describe an event or object. We express ourselves by moving our hands about, rolling our eyes, raising our eyebrows or smiling and frowning:

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Where would a common business lunch take place in England and what would it consist of?

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If you apply for a job in the United States, you should include the following information in your CV:

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During a business lunch, in which of the following countries is it not uncommon to have alcohol?

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When would it be appropriate to use the expression, "Help yourself"?

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In a meeting an English businessman asks his American colleague to pass him a rubber. His American colleague looks at him with great surprise. Why?

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You're talking on the phone with your British client/colleague and he is the main one talking. While he is talking, you:

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While doing business in London you should always:

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A U.S. golfing equipment manufacturer decides to explore the possibility of entering the Japanese market. The company arranges a meeting with a major Japanese firm to discuss a joint venture. Three representatives from each firm meet in San Francisco. Following the initial introductions, the men sit down on opposite sides of the table. After offering their Japanese guests a drink, the U.S. representatives proceed to take off their jackets and roll up their sleeves, suggesting that they would like to get down to business. The meeting is unsuccessful and the joint venture never takes place. What cultural faux pas did the Americans make?

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In Britain, you tip your plate away from you when eating soup.

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American businessmen dislike detailed written contracts.

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